New Year, Same You

In November I traveled to California for my cousin’s wedding. Sitting on my small connecting flight, where the engines buzzed instead of rumbled, I flipped through the magazine from the seat back in front of me. I saw an advertisement that read, “New Year, New You.” Though I’ve seen this phrase a multitude of times before, this time it got me to thinking… a “new” you, what does that mean?

Each year I, along with many others, make goals. I’m a firm believer that creating goals is important and that a year is a great way to measure and track those goals, as it gives a specific time frame to work within.
But when I am making these goals am I trying to change myself?
To turn into a different person?
Be a “new” me?

With a little reflection I realized that I wasn’t… but that maybe others are.

When thinking about what I can do differently each year, I try to set goals that will help improve my life. I set goals for my finances and security, my soul and spirit, and my body and health. But these goals aren’t meant to change who I am, they are meant to help enrich my life by making it more comfortable; richer in experience; and hopefully, longer.

Being a Healthy Lifestyle Blogger I often see this “new you” people are hoping for in the form of a ‘new’ body. My suggestion is this: be proud of what you have! YOU are the only one who has it. It reminds me of the Natasha Bedingfield song Unwritten:

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in

Take what you have and be proud of it – be in charge of it! Find something in each category: finances/security; soul/spirit; body/health and think of something that you are proud of in each. It may be that you have a job, or that you starting investing in a 401k. You could attend yoga for meditation or that you take time for yourself to quietly read before bed. You could be proud that you eat vegetables for your afternoon snack or that you wake up to walk in the morning before work. Instead of dwelling on what you could be, celebrate who you are and what you are already doing.

As I stated earlier, I am a firm believer in goals, so I’m not saying you shouldn’t be creating goals that can improve your life. I’m suggesting you keep it at just that – improvement! We can’t change who we are, but we can update our habits, routines and patterns to help improve upon the life and body that we have.

As you embrace the year 2014, I encourage you to think not what “new you” you can create, but rather how can you celebrate the wonderful you, you already are?

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Kayla Moothart

Author: Kayla Moothart

Kayla is an elementary teacher by day and a distance runner by morning, night and any other time she can squeeze a run in. She’s passionate about inspiring and encouraging others and lives daily by her motto ‘Keep Moving Forward.’ Kayla lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Austin where they love to adventure together, visit with friends and live a healthy lifestyle. Say hello to Kayla on Twitter. You can also read more by Kayla on her Blog Fit Life Forward

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